Take action. 

Hey everyone! Just had a busy schedule during the last couple of days , but today I want to talk again about skincare (as most of the times)

Summer is begun, maybe not everywhere but all of us need the good amount of sunscreen protection to prevent skin aging. 

During the last months I have rediscovered a glorious range of products that restore the skin and makes my skin always moisturized

As you all know , Estée Lauder is one of the greatest brand to help your skin rejuvenate and moisturized. 

I am currently using the DayWear cream with spf 15, for a daily basis to protect my skin. 

Since I am an Estée Lauder obsessed fan (apologize for this) i can’t stop using the DoubleWear foundation even during the hot days (and y’all know what I am talking about when I say “hot day”). Humidity is our skin’s worst enemy. This foundation helps my skin to stay matte during all day. 

Last but not least , Estée Lauder finally launched the Advanced Night Repair masks (in individuals around 30$ and a pack of 4 100$) and I am absolutely obsessed with this! Basically it’s the same product that we find on the serum, but with a technological innovation that has tinfoil to help the product penetrate deeply into your skin. 

Well, that’s all great isn’t it ? 

I really recommend you to try these out

If you have any questions feel free to ask. 

Take care of your skin, 



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