Instagram: the perfect social ✨🎉

Hey everyone ! 

After a long break , I’m back talking about my favourite social media: Instagram. 
Instagram is a social media that your can use through your mobile phone or computer. It’s a photo-sharing, video-sharing, media where you can connect with people from all over the world. 

It was released in 2010 and its translated in 25 different languages. 

I’ve started my journey on Instagram in early 2011, and I’ve immediately fall in love with. 

Sharing my moments , my selfies and the things that I love through photos it’s my best way to connect with people. 

You can use your Instagram Profile as a business profile , activating it on the settings, you will need to connect your IG page with your Facebook Page in order to receive emails or being reached by followers. 

As some of you may know what I love about this social is that I can share my passion for Makeup and Skincare with all of you. 

My IG page is a Business page since I’ve started to collaborate with some very cool brands. 

So I just wanted to share my love for Instagram and I hope to find you there as well! 

Check my page : @itsnatsnicole 
And don’t forget to take the best photos ! 




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