November Faves.



Its that time of the month again, where we get our conclusions.
I’ve never shared with all of you my monthly favourites, but ive decided to start this thing to share tips and products that i love and that maybe you’ll love too.

Well, November was a pretty long month, i mean, neverending, but it went so quickly that its already Christmas Time (ok almost.)

I’ve got a bunch of products to share, that i really loved, so lets get started! 🙂

First things firts : MAAAAKE UP! 😀

Recently, i’ve been starting to collaborate with Benefit Cosmetics, and they sent me couple of their new products. I loved most of them, the Eyebrows products , 3D Browtones and Ready Set Brow became very quickly an everyday need.
Also , Ive really liked they’re Blue version of They’re Real Mascara (which was maaassive years ago).

I’ve also bought some Dior stuff just to give them a go, and ive ended up loving all of the products but mostly the Dior Lipgloss in the shade SPARKLE (the name says all) and the Dior Blush Creme in Cosmopolite Rosewood which is a stick that is wearable from dry to oily skin.

Im so grateful that couple of weeks ago i was at KIKO Cosmetics store, and i bought after like 5 years the Full Coverage Concealer in the shade 03 , i mean this concealer, for that price ? REALLY???? This is a dupe of the Laura Mercier one, or even the Bobbi Brown’s.
I used to wear it in high school (ages ago ) and i just forgot about the quality of it. It covers E V E R Y T H I N G . (If you have oily skin, just go for it please, do a favour to yourself.)

(ok, still some makeup/skincare stuff to talk about…)

SmashBox Primer Water : Ive been working with Smashboox in the last couple of weeks, and ive never realized how cool is this primer. It fix the makeup and prepare your skin to wear it. Its just such an easy product to have.

Benefit Eye Serum Firm It Up : Well, well.. since my birthday, ive started to have these thoughts in my mind ”you need anti aging products, you’re getting old, your under eye area looks so bad”… then ive ended up buying 4 different eye creams, that im still testing, and this one is by far amazing! it smoothes the area, and gives some freshness, i feel my eye area more lifted but not like ive had botox in it.

Frank Body Balm : THIS BALM IS AMAZING! Smells like the Coffee Scrub, its just the perfect cream to put right after the scrub. I usually combo this two products, but even by itself… the smell, the consistency, the flawless finish that it gives you… 10 points to Gryffindor !

La Roche Posay Effeclar A.I : Ok, so if you suffer from breakouts, and spots, and bad acne, this little bro here, will help you with that.
You just need to put it locally, on the area where you need the product and trust me, the day after its already something different. I do suffer from breakouts especially during winter time, and that special week… but having this product with me… its just heaven in my face. It helped me so much, even before events! Go get it . Now!

Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Serum : OK, i have to admit that im a little bit obsessed with this brand (and im so thankful to collaborate with them), but couple of months ago i went crazy buying this serum (its about 100$) and, ive never used something more secure smooth, firm, like this serum.
Its the best thing to help your skin from a stressful time, or to take out that brightness from your skin. The morning after i look different, like a new better version of myself.

Dr. Brandt Pores No More Vacuum Cleaner : Ok so, this product its amazing if you have blackheads and large pores. I am lucky to dont have that much, but even though, it works like woah. This is perfect for special events to let your skin look flawless.

LUSH Tonic Waters : Ive tried all of them, all i can say, I AM ADDICTED.

Thanks for reading guys and i really hope that you can get some inspo from these products.
Which one is the most interesting one?
Let me know in the comments below.

Love you,




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