Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Serum

Hey peeps, I’ve been quiet busy and trying to recover a little bit during the last couple of days. 

It’s Monday which means new busy schedule and a little review and introduction! 🎉 
If there’s a brand that I’m totally in love with its @esteelauder . 

Since I’ve been introduced to it, i just can’t live without it, and trough time I’m trying tons of makeup products and Skincare ones which I’m in love with. 

But today it’s Skincare time. 

I’ve been using the gorgeous Advanced Night Repair serum for almost a year , and I can tell it’s my go-to serum anytime. 

The good thing about it is that comes in different sizes (travel bag, 30 ml, and 50 ml) and you can carry your serum wherever you want. 

The smell it’s just amazing, it smells like “this is gonna work I know” and it dries super quickly and leaves your skin smooth and recovered. 

I use the serum especially during night time, cause I know my skin will need extra help while I sleep. 

Estée Lauder is actually re-launching the whole ANR (advanced night repair) line , with eye patches , little capsules and other makeup products in the market. 

It’s not just for plus 40’s women, it’s for millennials as well. 

The way this line prevents aging and keeps my skin looking healthy it’s just unbelievable. 

I know it’s a bit pricey as a product , but it’s all worth every penny. 

You can get Estée Lauder at: 

– Limoni (Italy)

– La Gardenia (Italy ) 

– La Rinascente ( Italy ) 

– Selfridges ( UK ) 

– Debenhams ( UK) 

– Estée Lauder website
Hope you get the chance to try it and fall in love with it. 

Your skin will thank you for this. 


Tasha x 


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