Clinique Press Day 

If you are looking for a brand that embrace women’s beauty care you should know that Clinique is always on top with products and launches. 

On Thursday they finally showed us the new cosmetic lines and makeup products that I’m gonna show you. 

1. Moisture , Anti- Age , Vitamin C ! 

They came up with a Skincare line for all skin types. The moisturizing are perfect for this time of the year , light smooth and gentle ! 

The Anti-Age line will be launched in autumn , good for adult skin , to prevent wrinkles and to restore your skin from aging . 

But , BOOM ! The new product that i can’t wait to try is the Vitamin C Booster ! You know how important is to take care of your skin every single day of the year , and they came up with the idea of a powder pressed Vitamin that releases the power of it on your skin. 
2. PEP- START ! 

I love this line. The new products are 4 tint balms (tangerine is my fave one ) , a Bubble Mask that will be launched in September and trust me it’s super super fun and you will see the results immediately, and a night time lip mask to moisture and take care of your lips 200%. 
3. MAKEUP ! 
Ok so here there’s a lot to talk about : EVEN BETTER GLOW FOUNDATION : no perfumes , a gorgeous glow that is made of pearls that reflect the light . Light and medium Coverage foundation . SPF 15. 

JONATHAN ARDEN COLLAB : the packaging of this collaboration is simply gorgeous ! They took back the classic Clinique shades and created this fancy line. Brushes included. 

LIPS AND LASHES ON POINT : the new mascara is simply gorgeous , and easy to use . The wand is perfect to grab all the lashes and to push them up to the gooods. Last but not least the new lipsticks are powdery ones with an antibacterial applicator that are comfortable and super smooth ! 
Now, curious to know more about the products that I’ve tried ? 

Thanks to @CLINIQUEITALIA for this gorgeous event. 



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