Worth the Hype ? Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette

Today i am finally talking about one of the most popular product launched during this fall season.

Urban Decay came up with a new Palette, and everyone was so excited and enthusiast about it.

I’ve had the chance to see the preview of the palette during the Sephora Press Day, and then i got the palette one month before the launch.

You are probably wondering what are my thoughts about this products so here they are:

Loving the name of the shades, and the atmosphere around the palette.

The palette comes with a double end brush nice but not one of the best brushes ever.

The pigmentation is insane. A little bit of fallout, that may be annoying for someone, not for me.

98% of the shades works well. Just found that Ashes may be a little bit more difficult to use for those who are not good with blending.

The packaging is pretty. Steady, very firm. Love it. Also, its magnetic which i love.

The shimmery shades i do prefer to wet the brush for an intense look.

There are 12 shades of eyeshadows, 12x 1.3 g poids net for 51 euros, which i know its a little bit pricey but if you love these colors and texture is very worth the price.

My total honest score for this palette would be 8.5/10.

Its an universal fall palette.

You can find the palette at Sephora stores or on the Website http://www.sephora.com


Thanks for reading and spending some time on this review.

Let me know what you think about the product.






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