Kiehl’s Consultation in Florence (IT)

Couple of weeks ago, i had the chance with Kiehl’s Italy to get a full skincare consultation at the Via Del Corso Kiehl’s store in Florence, Italy.

Andrea , the Assistant , was very kind to introduce me more about the brand, and the history and philosophy behind the brand.

Kiehl’s was born as a Pharmacy in 1851 in New York City , and now is one of the most relevant skincare brand in the commerce.

The consultation started with a friendly chat about what kind of skin i thought i had, and then Andrea applied to my forehead and my cheek two patches, to detect the production of sebum of my skin.

I was really surprised that the result was a very balanced skin! Usually i am very oily during summer time, and i get a dry skin in winter time.

After the application, he started to write down all the things that i wanted to improve to my skin.

The selection was huge, lots of products from cleansers to night creams.

When all the products where displayed and tested onto my skin (specifically to my hand cause i was wearing makeup to take pictures lol ) , i was really thinking about what i’d purchase from this consultation.

By the way, the consultation is TOTALLY FREE, and you dont need to buy a product, they can give you some samples tho.

At the end, i decided to buy the Clearly Corrective Spot Serum with Vitamin C , Glycerin, Paeonia extracts, to reduce the dark spots, brighten the skin and to help the production of collagen.

After couple of days i’ve received from Kiehl’s Italy two more products from the consultation, the Turmeric & Cranberry Seed Energizing Radiance Masque, and the Hydro Plumping Re-texturizing Serum Concentrate.

After weeks i can see some difference on my skin, looks radiant, brighten , and very moisturized.

More reviews are coming soon.

Here some pictures about the consultation day.


(here all the products displayed at the Store, i wanted to get everything! )



Take some time to know your skin and to get a Free Consultation at any Kiehl’s Store in the World!








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