Kiehl’s Skincare Regime

In one of my latest , i talked about Kiehl’s and the great experience that i had in Florence.

Today i want to share with you my favorite skincare products from their line.

Some are new entrances, some are all time favorites so lets get started!



From Left side :

THE NEWEST INSTANT RENEWAL CONCENTRATE MASK : this hydrating sheet mask helps skin feel smooth and softened. This advanced, 2-piece biocellulose-embedded hydrogel mask is designed to comfortably adhere to all face shapes.

ULTRA FACIAL CREAM : To replenish and moisturize the skin. Formulated with nature-powered ingredients like Squalane, Glacial Glycoprotein Extract and Imperata Cylindrica.

CLEARLY CORRECTIVE DARK SPOT SOLUTION : This highly-efficacious facial serum brightens and clarifies skin for increased radiance. Over time, it diminishes the number and intensity of even deep-set dark spots and skin discolorations.

TURMERIC & CRANBERRY SEED ENERGIZING RADIANCE MASK : This facial mask instantly brightens dull, fatigued skin and restores skin’s healthy, rosy appearance over time.

MIDNIGHT RECOVERY CONCENTRATE : Improves firmness and elasticity for replenished, radiant skin, formulated with a blend of essential oils and distilled botanicals including Lavender Essential Oil, Evening Primrose Oil and Squalane.

HYDRO-PLUMPING RE-TEXTURING SERUM CONCENTRATE : Clinically demonstrated to help correct the signs of age-related dehydration, youthfully plumps skin, smoothing the appearance of fine lines & rough texture , also formulated with a potent complex of 15% plant-based Glycerin and Shiso Leaf Extract


Hope you found this article helpful,







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